Adventist Asks: Should I Say Grace in Starbucks?

To pray or not to pray?
To pray or not to pray?

ADVENTIST WORLD --- Seattle believer Joe Taza brought a troubling question to his Adventist friends on Facebook recently: should one say grace in Starbucks?

“I’m ordering and consuming food,” explained Joe. “But it still doesn’t feel right.”

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Joe said that he is deeply grateful for coffee, though he feels terribly guilty about it. Also, he often orders the ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, but removes the ham. “Still, the ham has touched my egg and cheese. Can I thank God for it?”

His Facebook friends rallied to him with advice, one helpfully suggesting that he can still bow his head in the coffee shop as a witness, but silently ask forgiveness instead of giving thanks. As of press time, Joe hasn’t yet found peace about the matter.

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One Comment

  1. RicheeeRich

    Yes, Joe-you should always say “grace” before you consume anything. AS for removing the ham from your sandwich, I prefer to use a clean, white napkin to wipe away all ham residue. This way, I don’t have that after taste, you know what I mean? After seeing the current Starbucks coffee holiday cup, Your gonna need more that “Grace” to be thankful. Stay off the Devil’s ground-coffee grounds. Eat Little Debbies instead. They’re really Blessed!!

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