CARTOON: More Uses for Soybeans

Attention BarelyAdventist readers!

We have started accepting cartoon submissions. A huge thanks goes out to Adventist cartoonist, Amy G. Dala for this one titled “More Uses for Soybeans”:

All kidding aside, click to learn more about Union College

Special thanks to Adventist cartoonist Amy G. Dala for the illustration...
Special thanks to Adventist cartoonist Amy G. Dala for the illustration…


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  1. Lil Dwayne

    I want me some of dose “alternative vice” Soygars. Can’t wait till they reach da shelves of da local ABC. But I can’t read da warning inside da box lid. Can anybody make out da 5th word: “Warning: Smoking Soygars can ____ you too.” It looks like “joll” – but dat don’t make sense. Could it be “roll” or “kill”? Whatever it is, they gotta be better for me than the stuff I been doin’.

  2. I like the Christmas ornament: “Soy to the World.” Now, how about some vegetarian fashion ornaments: a pair of “soyrings” for your ears, a “soylace” for your neck, and “soylets” for your wrists. Who needs pearls when you could have a string of organic non-GMO soybeans? It would be a lovely, natural fashion statement.

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