Dating app alerts you when single Adventists are in church

ADVENTIST WORLD — Saintly Singles, a new dating app for Adventists, promises to take the guess work out of Sabbath morning prospecting.

The app will alert single Adventists to the presence of other single Adventists in area churches.

“You can’t tell whether or not Adventists are married based on whether they are wearing a ring,” said Saintly Singles spokesperson Estela Buscando.

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“Our app provides that added layer of photo ID confirmation that the new person who turned heads in the church lobby is indeed fair game.”

Saintly Singles allows confirmed singles to discretely message each other and establish rapport during the service.

“The app screens out any creeps by a sophisticated agape filter that blocks out any comments not deemed Sabbath-worthy,” said Buscando.

She also shared that if no singles are at your home church on any given Sabbath, Saintly Singles provides directions and projected drive times to churches with better pickings.

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  1. Lucky

    While the commandment forbids us to do our own works on the Sabbath, it also expects us not to allow our thoughts wonder – not doing thine own ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking thine own words (Isaiah 58:13).

    With this app, single Adventists are at risk using the excuse of marriage – an institution that is also holy, to break another -the Sabbath.

    It is not wrong to look for a mate, but the youth shouldn’t be diverted from keeping the sabbath in the LORD, by ‘a promise to find a good wife’. The LORD it is He who provides. And if He decides to bring two honest youths together on a Sabbath, it will be His doing. And most often, the two will not break the Sabbath as they are likely to be in an earnest Bible study that might end after the Sabbath.

    Those whose focus, by the app is divided on keeping the Sabbath & finding a mate, if they are lucky to meet one, their conversations will most likely not be edifying for the attention will be directed towards themselves thereby breaking the Sabbath according to Isaiah 58.

    So, in my view, this app is more of a distraction than a blessing to the singles…

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