Doug Batchelor to interview pope during US visit

Doug Batchelor has provided extensive commentary on Pope Francis.
Doug Batchelor has provided extensive commentary on Pope Francis.

GRANITE BAY, Calif. --- Doug Batchelor has announced that he will be interviewing Pope Francis as part of an Amazing Facts special during the pope's visit to the United States later this month. The pontiff will be in the United States from September 22 to 27. He will address the United States Congress and meet with various political and religious leaders. The Vatican agreed to Bachelor's interview request as long as the conversation was kept short and Batchelor submitted his questions ahead of time in Latin.

As one of Adventism's most high-profile critic of the pope many were surprised that Batchelor asked to interview Pope Francis. "We Adventists have legitimate concerns about the power of the papacy and it's role in earth's history," said Batchelor. "I've talked a lot about my concerns about Pope Francis and I thought it was time to actually hear what he had to say in response."

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Although the pope is not slated to visit the Amazing Facts studios in Northern California, Batchelor will travel to meet the pope soon before his address to Congress in Washington DC. Papal aides have warned Amazing Facts that the pope's schedule is subject to change and Batchelor said he is open to any eventuality.

"If I get bumped the DC trip won't be wasted,' said Batchelor. "I was planning on paying a visit to Ben Carson since he lives not too far away. I want him to really think about the prophetic implications of an Adventist US president."




  1. Best line: “The Vatican agreed to Bachelor’s interview request as long as … Batchelor submitted his questions ahead of time in Latin.” If he doesn’t know Latin, “aybemay Igpay Atinlay ouldway orkway” (“maybe Pig Latin would work”)?

    This meeting is actually a great idea. Even the Pope and some other “non-SDA’s” know the truth about a few subjects, such as biblical adornment. Maybe the Pontiff can shed some light on it for Pastor Batchelor.

    • RICK

      “If I get bumped the DC trip won’t be wasted,’ said Batchelor. “I was planning on paying a visit to Ben Carson since he lives not too far away. I want him to really think about the prophetic implications of an Adventist US president.”

  2. Harry Mason

    Can’t wait to hear what the prophetic implications of an Adventist US president would be. Seems like Doug B. would want to vote for Carson; but maybe he thinks Carson would infringe on religious liberty somehow. Not sure how. I like Carson a lot, but I hope Doug can talk him into throwing in the towel because there are more experienced candidates out there who are more qualified to be President, such as Bobby Jindal.

  3. Nicky Manage'

    This is commendable: “I’ve talked a lot about my concerns about Pope Francis and I thought it was time to actually hear what he had to say in response.” If only everyone would follow such a balanced approach to journalism.

  4. Milyon Aire

    Has anyone heard the rumor that Pope Francis has an SDA brother and loves to read Ellen White’s books? According to one rumor, the Pope performed a secret ceremony under St. Peter’s Basilica and pulled out some little red books, declaring that Sis. White is his favorite author and that she will be fast-tracked into sainthood. Did anyone read that in a spam e-mail pointing to an alleged Reuters report?

  5. Jason French

    One thing Batchelor and the Pope have in common: they are both vehemently opposed to women’s ordination. Francis, the first Jesuit Pope, has decreed that the status quo (ordination of male priests only) must remain in place. It’s ironic that some SDAs have accused Adventist pro-ordination theologians of being “Jesuits.” I wonder when Doug Batchelor will realize that he himself is the one promoting a false, Catholic concept of ordination.

    • Arciwboy

      Bachelor’s concern about women in general comes from being a caveman. Remember the pictures of a caveman with a club in one hand and dragging a woman around by her hair? It’s the caveman way.

      • Yonah ben-Aluf

        “Bachelor’s concern about women in general comes from being a caveman”.
        That idea of a caveman comes from the evolutionary idea that says that “we have all been evolving for millions of years from apes,” and it’s quite derogatory to say about someone. According to the Bible; David lived in caves for some time when King Saul was seeking his life in 1 Samuel 22:1. Later, in 1 Kings 18:4, Obadiah took 100 prophets into a cave to protect them from Jezebel’s rage. Also Elijah went into a cave in 1 Kings 19:9. That’s almost the opposite of the evolutionist’s stereotypical “caveman”.

        • Leah

          Besides, Doug purposefully identified himself with the word “caveman” in the title of one of his books. If we can’t call someone something they explicitly asked to be called, what can we call them?

  6. Walt Dizzy

    Where are Ray Kraft, Richard Mills, Hilarious Clinton, and other frequent contributors to these comments? I’m on pins and needles waiting to see what kind of “woeful” comment poor Richard will come up with.

  7. Rumor Control

    Just in case anyone here doesn’t know, this is a satire site like The Onion. All in good fun, to get a good point across. I suspect the point here is about the over-criticism of a Pope as if he were a force of evil, rather than speaking generically of the system that he leads (and is seemingly trying to reform).

  8. Donald Trumpet

    The Donald should be allowed to piggy-back on Doug B.’s interview with Pope Francis. What awesome publicity! Bet it would propel him straight into the Oval Office. Or–more realistically–he should do a confessional and admit to the Pope that The Donald’s “pledge of allegiance” to the Republican Party is not worth the paper it’s printed on. . . . I still believe the conspiracy theory that The Donald is running a false-flag switch-and-bait campaign. His real intention is to get Hillary elected.

  9. Jim Neighbors

    Will Doug’s long-lost twin brother join him in the interview? I recommend it. Pope Francis studied chemistry and worked as a chemist before entering the seminary, Doug’s twin brother is a scientist. At least they would have something to talk about.

    • Fred Flintrock

      Pope Francis also worked briefly as a nightclub bouncer before entering the seminary. That is a fact. Truth is stranger than fiction. See . I’m curious what kind of nightclub. So both of the characters in this report had a very colorful background: one was a nudist caveman, and one was a nightclub bouncer. . . They should get along together very well.

      • Moni Dominic

        How perfect are you? Our Lord died to save sinners and to make them prince and princes. I don’t care if I was a Prostitute. Do people fear God to criticize a man who is called by God to finish the work of preaching the gospel to the lost world?

  10. Howard Coatsell

    It would be cool if the “GC Papacy” ( ) would set an appointment to meet with the Roman Papacy. The GC headquarters is not far from Washington where the Roman Pope will address Congress. The Roman Pope could give some tips and pointers to the “GC Pope,” since it looks like the latter is following in the footsteps of the former in his approach to certain areas of church policy.

  11. Lindsey Hal

    There are some very weird advertisements on the right side of this page. Currently, it shows a half-naked lady and touts the “next step in evolution.” I’m scared to even click it. Too weird for me. Sevvy needs to fine-tune his AdSense settings.

  12. J. M. Bergoglio

    D. Batchelor needs to take it easy on the Pope. He’s a good guy. Throughout his public life, Pope Francis has been noted for his humility, his concern for the poor, and his commitment to interfaith dialogue.

  13. Doug Wells

    The concept of this fandom meeting could well be reversed: let’s have the pontif interviewin the caveman. And he should NOT go easy on him, as DB is NOT regarded as a good guy (at least by most women of intellect). Throughout his public life he has NOT been noted for his humility, probably has low concern for the poor (who contribute little) to AF, and any introduction to interfaith dialog would probably drive him (farther) over the edge!

  14. Marcus Aurelius

    In case Doug Batchelor needs help expressing his question in Latin, I’m offering this draft, which I believe captures what he is planning to ask, in Latin:

    “Franciscus Pontifex, quare postulas ne mulieres ex consecratae manus ut sacerdotio? Diligenter inspicere docendo male facis idem doceo. Quaeso ut queri possum committitur feminarum ex ordine sacerdotum ordinem Jesuitarum mulierum.”

    (Which, being interpreted, could mean: “Pope Francis, why do you insist on preventing women from being ordained as priests? You are making me look bad by teaching exactly the same thing as I teach. Please start ordaining women as priests so I can blame the Jesuits for women’s ordination.”)

  15. Richard Mills

    Hey, Dougie–Ask Pope Francis if he has read the last 4 or 5 chapters of the Great Controversey? Also ask the Pope if he has ever read any books by the late Malachi Martin? I think they both speak “Adventese” !! Woe is me!!

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  33. I see nothing wrong with the position taken by Doug Bachelor on women ordination and it is for good reason.
    1. the very thought of ordaining a woman signifies that the church has accepted that the “man” has basically given up the work that the Lord gave hi to do. Contrary to popular belief there is a difference in the eyes of the Lord as it relates to a man and a woman. A man was created to be the head of the house period, end of story. If the man cannot for good reasons not fulfill this role there is no problem for the woman to step into it.
    2. if a woman becomes ordained the question must be asked..where are the men ? was there not any men to do this work at all ? there is one that many call a prophet who has said that the greatest want in this world is the want of men who would stand firm though the heavens fall..where are these men.
    3. To see a man push for women ordination is perplexing because he should be telling other men to take up their roles and not differ it to the woman who should be protected. She is the weaker vessel and though she is willing it is not a burden that she should have to bear.

    As a society and as a people we have missed the point of all this. if a burglar kicks in the door do we now as men let the woman face the danger while we go hide with the kids ? Be a man and lead, it is about time we stopped embarrassing the Lord and giving the willing woman a burden that is not hers.

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