Holy Spirit disagrees with GC leadership

The marathon.
The marathon.
SILVER SPRING, Md. — After an Annual Council packed with prayers for the Holy Spirit to be present and guide decision making on the issue of what to do with non-compliant unions, it appears that the Holy Spirit answered the call.

To the shock of GC leadership, however, the Spirit disagreed with their view of things.

Analysts were hesitant to attribute the outpouring of complicated motions, amendments and points of order to the Spirit.

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But most agreed that after the enormous pressure to comply with GC leadership’s push to have Executive Committee members sign a 14-page compliance document, only the Spirit could have persuaded 184 brave souls to send the document back to committee until next year.

“We prayed for the Holy Spirit to guide and now we have to give thanks for the direction we’ve been given,” said an elated TED representative, admitting that this was the first time in years that he had felt hope while inside the GC building.

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