Slide Show: 10 reasons to love an ABC store

10.) Sometimes they stock Little Debbies in there, and because it's an ABC store, your mom can't say no.

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Those snacks are SURE to be blessed. (Photo by NV Dave via wikipedia)

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  1. Thanks for reminding us that Little Debbie’s are health food. They must be, since the ABC obviously wouldn’t sell any junk food. So I’m going to stock up on those ultra-healthful Nutty Bars, with their delectable serving size of 2 cookies which have “only” 310 calories, 18g of fat (including 7g of saturated fat), and 21g of sugar. Never mind that it’s enough sugar to kill a cute little laboratory rat; it’s health food and it’s good for me. After all, it’s just sugar, it’s vegetarian sugar! And it’s at the ABC! (But what I can’t figure out is: why did my sister go from a size 3 to a size 16 dress after joining the church and stocking up on these yummy health foods? 🙂

  2. Ray Kraft

    Stripples! Fake Bacon! I haven’t seen Stripples in . . . by the way, why do Adventists feel the need to eat Fake Bacon? Why do vegetarians feel the need to eat Fake Meat?

    This is very puzzling.

    Maybe we should ask Dr. Freud?

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