Slide Show: 10 resolutions Adventists probably won’t keep

8.) Volunteer to help out with Children's Sabbath School/Pathfinders.

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"Sure!" you say gaily when asked to help out, little realizing that you will be looking forward to that 13th Sabbath and end of quarter with desperate joy. ETTCOR: 3 months (or less, depending on how good your excuses are). (Photo via

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  1. Ernie

    Hehehehe…ok, this hit close to to home–I’ve flaked on some of these (like the SS quarterly one and reading the Bible through), but others I’ve done no problem (paying tithe). I’ve started reading the Bible and EGW’s PP simultaneously and decided that I would take as long as I need to….no time limit as long as I keep plugging away. That seems to work better than trying to stick to a daily year-plan for more. More power to those who are able to read through the Bible in a year!

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