Slide Show: 28 fundamental irritations of Adventists

27.) When people don't think Loma Linda Medical School is the best.

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What do you mean it's unranked when it comes to best medical schools for primary care or research?? We put a babboon heart in a baby! (Photo via wikipedia)

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  1. Milla smith

    Annoyance#30–teenage girls who need to regroup in the bathroom, leaving en masse in the middle of the sermon.
    Annoyance#31–parents who don’t stop them. C’mon now, there’s no emergency except who wore what to youth sabbath school

  2. Annoyance #29 Is Angry Adventists. Seems almost every Adventist I know is either angry because the church is too liberal or angry because the church is too conservative. Calm down!
    Annoyance #35 Is scared Adventists. Did they forget the verse where we are admonished not to fear? Stop being afraid of everything! A retweet is NOT a sign of the end!

  3. Jonathan

    I just realized that articles and slide shows are the only things on this website, and we love it. But when a sermon consists completely of articles and slideshows, it is one of the most woeful and miserable things. (and it usually goes until about 1:00 pm)

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