8 Adventist-Approved Pick-Up Lines That Are Guaranteed to Fail

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Looking for love in all the wrong pews? Fear not, lovelorn Adventist! We’ve compiled a list of pick-up lines that are so bad, they’re almost good. Use these at your own risk:

1. “Hey, is your name Sabbath? Because you’re the best day of my week!”

2. “Are you a vegetarian? Because you’ve got me feeling like a Tofurky – all mushy inside.”

3. “I must be Daniel, because you’re making me want to pray three times a day… for your number.”

4. “Is your dad a deacon? Because you’re a real blessing!”

5. “You must be the Second Coming, because I’ve been waiting for you my whole life.”

6. “Are you Ellen White? Because you’re prophetically beautiful.”

7. “I think we were predestined to meet… wait, wrong denomination. Want to study end-time prophecies together anyway?”

8. “Is your name Grace? Because you’re irresistible.”

Disclaimer: BarelyAdventist takes no responsibility for any social awkwardness, embarrassment, or impromptu Bible studies that may result from the use of these pick-up lines.



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