Adventist Church: You can’t pray for Game of Thrones characters

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Don't pray for these guys...
Don’t pray for these guys…
SILVER SPRING, Md. — Leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church have released a statement reminding church members that praying for Game of Thrones characters is “a completely fruitless exercise.”

General Confererence Director of Popcorn Prayer Ministries, Sam Rezemos, stressed that despite Season 6 of the fantasy drama series being undeniably compelling television, it was “completely delusional to think that praying for your favorite characters will make the tiniest difference to how a completely fictional plot unfolds.”

Rezemos said that although he commended the growing trend of small group ministries among Adventists around the world, he urged members to focus their thoughts and prayers on matters of consequence, such as better management of this month’s Sabbath potluck duty schedule.

Rezemos added that small group ministries were never intended to be used as an excuse for Adventists to meet and watch their favorite TV series.


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