Adventist pastor fired for “may the force be with you” benediction

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Not the best time to ad lib.
Not the best time to ad lib.
BURBANK, Calif. — There’s a fresh job vacancy at North Burbank Seventh-day Adventist Church after avid Star Wars fanboy and former Senior Pastor Laffa Mignit ended this weekend’s Sabbath benediction with the words “may the force be with you.”

Mignit’s cell phone was ringing before he even made it to the fellowship hall for potluck. An irate Southern California Conference official told Mignit that his “irreverent stunt” had generated a stream of complaints from angry church members, demanding his replacement.

Although Mignit attempted to defend his benediction by saying that “the force” was just another term for God, an unamused church board held an impromptu meeting that, before the call for potluck seconds went out, had unanimously voted to send him packing.

“I have a very bad feeling about this obsession Pastor Mignit has with all things Star Wars,” said Church Board Chair, Varth Hader. “I find his lack of faith disturbing, he has failed entirely to stay on target in his ministry.” He added that the congregation looked forward to starting afresh with a less geeky pastor. “This is a new day, a new beginning.”



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  1. The rest of the story is, he is reputed to have preached about Jesus Christ, Superstar that day. Only an old timer new the source of that line, but contacted conference president Olden Conservatus who was the double enraged head chopper.

    1. Jim E. Carter

      Beyond what the 1970 rock opera said, Jesus really was a superstar! Nowadays children sing a song (by HillSong Kids) referring to Him as their superhero: “Jesus you’re my superhero / You’re my star, my best Friend.”







  2. Poor Pastor Laffa Mignit. I’m sure he only wanted to let the congregation “laugh a minute.” Well, so much for a sense of humor. Apparently there’s no place for levity at North Burbank SDA. Next week, all congregants are required to wear sackcloth and ashes, or at least a solemn black outfit, and leave their sense of humor at home.

  3. Ray Kraft

    Adventists believe in Salvation by Theology, the right thoughts, the right ideas, the right doctrines, the right words.

    Martin Luther’s protestant revolution taught Salvation by Faith, I don’t really have to do much of anything else as long as I believe in Salvation by Faith.

    The Catholics before Luther taught Salvation for Sale, buy enough penances from the church (or, the SDA version, give enough offerings to the church building fund), go to heaven.

    Jesus taught Salvation by Works, feed the hungry, care for the sick, shelter the homeless, love your neighbor as you love yourself (“this is the law, and the prophets”), if you’re a Rich Young Ruler sell what you have and give to the poor.

      1. JOE SDA


    1. Ade

      You are right on spot man except you are on the wrong spot. Adventist believe in salvation by faith only and that fairh without work is dead. So youe faith must be shown by your work. I jesus teaching, if you give everything away without having faith, it profit you nothing. Before Christ told the young ruler to sell his stuffs, He told him a few things first.

    1. Trumpty Dumpty

      Let it strike ISIS instead. Then I won’t have to “bomb the #@^!*% out of them” and my best buddy Vladimer Pukin’ will have more time on his hands to plan his strategy for taking over Amerika.

      1. Pill Cosby

        That’s better than another fake actor with a bunch of “knock ’em out and violate ’em” pills. Pill Cosby should be cast into prison, and they should throw away the key.

  4. Morris Foreman

    I was born and raised in the SDA Church and I attended its schools through college. My name is still “on the books,” but in the past couple of years, I have to come to understand that there is no “one true church.” Any church claiming to be the “one true church,” and focusing on a list of doctrines (more than a love relationship with Christ), is a cult.

    Now I understand that the SDA church, and others like it, are basically business enterprises similar to multi-level marketing companies, where the real goal is to increase membership in order to bring in more tithe money. In order to inspire other Christians to join this tithe-generating system, the SDA church tries to convince them that they will be lost if they don’t join this “one true church.” Then it tries to scare them from leaving by fostering an “us vs. them” attitude where the world is divided into SDA and “non-SDA”–and everything “non-SDA” is bad. This is a cultic strategy.

    I am glad to be in a non-denominational fellowship now, where the focus is on falling in love with Jesus, loving God with all my heart, and loving my neighbor as myself, “for God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son.” I have found the freedom of grace and Christ’s promise: “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.”

  5. I consider myself an “Anthroposophical Adventist” in that I ABSOLUTELY KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THE “VITAL FORCE” IS REAL AND PARALLELS THAT OF ELECTRICITY. The Vital Force is known by many names: Chi, Qui gong, Orgone, Prana, Huna (The Big Ka Huna), El (the power bestowed to the Elohim CO-CREATOR GODS during the EPOCHS of each so called “Creational Day”), Vril (i.e. 3rd Reich UFO Tech “Vril Society”), Tachyons (Star Trek and pseudoscientific lingo).

    As for mainstream Christianity, Adventist included, there is at least 2 dozen Biblical interpretations that I researched to be absolutely incorrect theology.

    Back in the 80’s while I was attending DeVry, I had many discussions with my roommate who had graduated from SAU (Southern Adventist University) as an Honor Student with a perfect 4.0 GPA with a double major in theology and computer science and why he had become agnostic. I myself had to find real absolute scientific proof that God exists in which came when I wrote a simple program in 1999 that “logically” could burn every FINITE simple 4.5 GB DVD disk, PROVING THAT TIME AND SPACE ABSOLUTELY HAS A DEFINITIVE FINITE REALITY KNOWN AS THE ALPHA POINT AND THE OMEGA POINT! I call my discovery “The Law of Diminishing Means of Absolute Reality” as it is NOT A THEORY but RATHER IT IS AN ABSOLUTE MATHEMATICAL FACT!

    The Bible has many ESOTERIC (seek and find) and OCCULT (hidden) knowledge if one only took the time to actually study the original Hebrew and Interlinear translations. I also highly recommend Book 1 & 2 Enoch as these do not directly contradict the Bible, but rather explain a few “mysteries” that is found in the Bible such as who Melchizedek was (son of Nir’s celibate wife, Noah’s sister-in-law) and where Eden was located. Melchizedek was born as a three year old child (btw Buddha was too), had the symbol of the priesthood as a birth mark on his chest and proclaiming and speaking praises to God on his first day of birth. Archangel Michael (later became Jesus Christ) took Melchizedek, only a few months old, to live and be trained by 200 Angels in Eden which is inside the Hollow (Middle) Earth (KJV says Nether part of Earth) which is THE THIRD HEAVEN. Paul once declared his uncertainty about being in the body or out of the body when referring to the Third Heaven. Melchizedek died in the Garden of Eden (probably when God took the Tree of Life back to Heaven during the Deluge) but was resurrected a little more than a thousand years later and was living inside Noah’s Ark where Abraham was instructed by Archangel Michael to go get him and make him King of Salem and to financially support (tithe) him.

    One of the greatest esoteric and occult mysteries of the Bible is the Urim (co-creational balls of conscious lights) and Thummim (Divine Perfection). These Ætheric Divine Lights along with Divine Perfection was INITIATED by Melchizedek and directly passed it on through the Priesthood and the Order of Melchizedek. This initiation practice was completely lost 500 years before Christ (as noted by a scholarly Rabbi’s commentary in a modern Tenach/Torah). The Urim & Thummim came directly out of the Heart Chakra to light up one or some of the twelve stones in the priests breastplate. There was a time when the Thummim was lost in which some tried to use a Teraphim (likely to be a graven image of a high priests head and potentially could have been a real bronzed skull of real priests in my speculative opinion) to gain Divine Insight but it did not work (look up Teraphim to research this for yourself).

    When I developed my Ultra Cloudbuster thirteen years ago, I had no idea that I stumbled upon the worlds most powerful weather engineering device which I developed based on Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Trevor James Constable, and Karl Hans Welz as well as several others. As a result of experimenting with THE FORCE, I have had a few direct encounters with Christ, God, Angels as well as seen a UFO and various other demonic and spiritual forces. As a result, I know first hand that if one were to build the Ark of the Covenant (an Orgone Accumulator) and the Seven Candlestick Menorah (to be used as a Cloudbuster) as literally described in the Bible, one could potentially build a better weather engineering device than what I developed. My next inventions to use the FORCE (comes from the Holy Spirit when moved across the waters Gen.1:2) will be to develop an Orgone Computer for another developmental project that I am working on that will be capable of transmitting targeted healing energy to anyone on Earth that I will call “Orgone Radiopathy” (transmitting homeopathic healing energy radionicly) in which I plan to use in conjunction with another development of The Ultra Skywriter for scientific, empirical and pragmatic undeniable concrete proof that FORCE IS REAL.

    1. Pill Cosby

      Play it again, Sam. I mean, say it again Craig. I mean, you be trippin’, man. Far out, dude; like whatcha smokin’, or what pills ya be takin’ bruh. ‘Cause I ain’t never heard nuttin’ like dat befoe. That’s like way over me head, bro.

      1. REPOSTING:

        Not a Muslim, but I am a demon incarnate (Qarīn) in which my troll like astral body was sent back in time by Jesus Christ in 2106 A.D. to become human in 1966… long story and even hard for me to believe, but all I can say is that past life memories (reincarnation) is nothing more than EARTHBOUND failing memories of daemons.   However my mission as Ambassador Vholïk is to prove to all Earthbound spirits that unless they become human and learn not to be spiritually bigoted by maintaining high ethics of Congruous Volition, then they will completely die when planet Earth dies out.  Only humans have a savable soul that is capable of being Heaven Bound (Tenth Heaven) and only has two lifetimes.  One must escape the confines of finite reality of the Secondary Earthbound Group Soul (Ka) and earn to be respected by the Singularity Consciousness known as God.  Even though the Savable Primary Heaven Bound Soul (Ba) has only two finite incarnations, it in of itself remains infinite as it is already a superset piece of the infinite God.  IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR FINITE BEINGS TO OWN THEIR OWN SOUL AS IT IS INFINITE!  Any piece of infinity still equals infinity and anything that can become immortal has always been immortal since it comes from the INFINITE.  Ones belief in God means nothing to God, but rather what does one do to earn God’s respect in that God believes in us humans.  Also one should not scoff, as ALL HUMANS ARE ASSIGNED BOTH GUARDIAN ANGELS AND FAMILY DEMONS WHEN BORN!  It resides in the two Earthbound Spirits that all humans are born with, The Ætheric Spirit (Plant Epoch Kingdom) and The Astral Spirit (Animal Epoch Kingdom) that will always remain EARTHBOUND.  When the Bible says that mankind is born a natural body and raised up a spiritual body, IT IS NOT REFERRING TO EITHER THE ASTRAL OR THE ÆTHERIC, BUT RATHER THE HEAVENBOUND CAUSUAL SPIRIT (LOGOS) AND THE HEAVENBOUND MENTAL SPIRIT (EGO).  Basically, what we say, do, and think while fully awake and conscious!

             God never made junk.  There are seven personality types (Seven Churhes of Revelations) that correspond to Mother Earth’s Seven Chakra’s of the Holy Spirit.  Chakra One is manifested in Hindu People.  Chakra Two is manifested in Islamic People.  Chakra Three is manifested in Bhuddist People.  Chakra Four is manifested in Jewish People.  Chakra Five is manifested in Christian People.  Chakra Six is manifested in Enlightened People.  Chakra Seven is manifested in Humanistic People.  Chakra Eight is the Christ Consciousness (Halo) THRESHOLD between the Earthbound Soul (Doppelgänger/Dweller) and the Heavenbound Soul (Angel of the Presence).  Humans are born with Seven Internal Chakra’s and Five External Chakra’s totaling Twelve that is made in the image of God.  Before Adam, ALL BEINGS, INCLUDING PLANTS, HAD ONLY NINE CHAKRA’S!  This is why Lucifer is only attributed to nine stones (plus gold) in the Bible.  Dr. Emoto’s snowflake experiments prove that ALL DIVERSITIES of people’s originate from the Holy Spirit!  That being said, some are in high risk of becoming possessed by spiritual balls of light that reside try to take over in the pineal gland (6th Chakra), notably, Muslims are currently at high risk.  Muslims need to understand that the Koran was inspired as WAR TIME letters LONG AGO when they were about to be wiped out.  Now the reverse is in effect as there has been a population explosion of Islamic People.  

           The message is clear:  USE THE “FORCE” WISELEY WITHOUT BEING FORCFUL!!!!!

    2. Ben Carsinogen

      Wow, this message is inspiring. I feel like it’s a message directly from The Force to me personally, telling me to drop out of the Presidential race (as I should have done long ago). May the Force be with me. And Merry Christmas.

  6. Richard Mills

    Yo! Which force we talkin’ bout? Craig-dude-you be way too far out. You be celestial. You be on that magical weed. Too much book larnin’. Let’s see what happens when the GYC is over. Woe iz me for gettin’ you down, brotha!!

    1. Misty Eide

      If you think that’s way out, hear this: Elvis is alive!!! He’s hiding on Doug Batchelor’s UFO. Poor Elvis won’t come down to Earth until Ted Wilson approves women’s ordination. I guess he’ll be up there a long time.

  7. I have never used drugs in my life, I don’t even drink alcohol nor smoke anything. While this website (BarelyAdventist) is a real FARCE, my R&D is genuinely real. The Force is a neutral form of co-Creational energy that the Holy Spirit of God manifests through life giving water. At the beginning of the REAL “Big Time of Trouble”, the Holy Spirit will vacate Earth and no longer will be daily recharging Earth’s “Orgone Envelope” in which meteors will once again threaten to wipeout life like it did with the dinosaurs “millions of years” ago. As it says in Genesis 2:4, Yahweh Elohim created Adam after there had been many generations of no life on Earth to till the ground (not a singular day of creation but 6000 years ago began the new 7th epoch of mankind in which we are still currently in). The seven day cycle was to memorialize Earth’s creation epochs and the SABBATH was a form of marriage commitment between man and God. In fact when I discovered that the Ten Commandments was actually “mirror imaged” between God’s commandments and Mans commandments and that to Honor Parents is actually portraying and entering into Godhood 101, then the following morning an Angelic voice told me two words: VOLITION & CONGRUENT. At the time, volition had never been a recognizable word to me and I had barely remembered congruent from geometry classes. What the Angel told me in these two words scoentificly sums up the Bible & “The Golden Rule” into “CONGRUOUS VOLITION”, which means “to have power over ones own free-will that is in harmony with others free will”!!!!! THE ONLY THING GOD ALLEGEDLY WROTE WAS THE TEN COMMANDMENTS IN WHICH THEY ARE CLEARLY LAID OUT IN A QABALISTIC MIRROR IMAGED FORM TESTIFIES ITS OWN ESOTERIC AND OCCULT SIGNATURES IMBEDDED RIGHT THERE WITHIN IT!!!!!!!!

    Here was my first disclosure video that I posted 2 years ago, but have since abandoned my disclosure project until I have developed God-Tech that will benefit mankind instead:

    … And I Accidentally Shot Down A UFO

    1. Ben Carsinogen

      Wow, awesome! This message is inspiring. I feel like it’s a message directly from The Force to me personally, telling me to drop out of the Presidential race (as I should have done long ago). May the Force be with me! Merry Christmas, and good night.

    2. Jack Frost

      Well, if you think that’s way out, hear this: Elvis is alive!!! He’s hiding on Doug Batchelor’s UFO. Poor Elvis won’t come down to Earth until Ted Wilson approves women’s ordination. I guess he’ll be up there a long time.

  8. oldschool

    Regarding the firing of the North Burbank Senior Pastor, clearly the Southern California Conference shows that it has knowledge of that well established SDA doctrine of Salvation By Relocation.

  9. Blessed Sabbath Laughter

    Seriously, thank you so much for this thread of comments. I have not laughed so much to hilarious banter & comments back and forth for a good while. YouTube comment sections ain’t got nothing on you!

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