Adventist Potluck Olympics Cancelled

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There are no words…
SILVER SPRING, Md. — The entire Adventist world is fighting back tears at the news that the denomination’s defining event – Potluck Olympics – has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Members that had stoically absorbed news about closed schools, streaming-only church services and nixed ingathering drives could not contain themselves when told this summer’s Indianapolis-based vegetarian eat-a-thon would no longer be happening.

“I’m so mad at COVID-19 right now,” said Berrien Springs-based 4th generation Adventist, Ben Worthington. “I’ve been looking forward to Potluck Olympics ever since the last one ended in 2015.”

Worthington added that his devastation extended beyond the fact that he would now be missing out on delicious food from around the world.

“I was hoping to revisit that decision to make potluck dishwashing duty an all-male thing.”


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  1. Richard Mills

    Is the Adventist Olympic Potluck based on the Nathan’s Hot eating contest held on July 4 on Coney Island? Hw much you can consume in a matter of minutes? I’m signing up ASAP. I can consume four Vega links in 3 minutes-bun & all!! Try me!!

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