Brexit will force British Union Conference out of Trans-European Division

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Adventist consequences?
Adventist consequences?
ST. ALBANS, United Kingdom — European leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church have warned British Adventists that if Brits vote for the UK to leave the European Union, the British Union Conference will be be ejected from the Trans-European Division (TED).

The potential British exit (Brexit) from the EU will be voted upon in a referendum this summer. A vote to exit the EU would leave British Adventists without the support of other countries in the TED.

Division leaders painted a bleak picture of British Pathfinders no longer being allowed to attend TED camporees and British Adventists “shedding lonely tears on cold, English beaches.”

TED spokesperson Lamna Nu said that a “Brexit would mean that British Adventists would be stuck eating the same slop that is served at their potlucks and camp meetings, without the ennobling culinary influences of more gastronomically evolved European countries.”


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  1. Princess Georgia III

    We’re hoping we’ll be welcomed into the sisterhood of churches of the North American Division. What revolution put assunder, let the Royal Priesthood of Believers put back together.

  2. Rockhound

    This is really confusing as I heard just the other day that the Queen of England will revoke American Liberty if we don’t get with it and vote for a decent president. She has rules you know. We will all be playing soccer and sipping tea at 4 in the afternoon. So what conference will we be in then . So much to think about don’t you think Killery and Ronald Horn or Tramp or who ever? I think I’ll go look for some decaf tea. I love high tea or is that just for the ladies?

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