Carlton Byrd to donate Armani bow tie endorsement cash to Oakwood

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Why don't more Adventist pastors dress like this?
Why don’t more Adventist pastors dress like this?
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Breath of Life Speaker/Director Dr. Carlton Byrd announced today that all funds from his newly inked bow tie endorsement deal with fashion house Giorgio Armani, would be donated to his alma mater, Oakwood University.

Byrd who also serves as Senior Pastor of the Oakwood University Seventh-day Adventist Church was originally approached for the endorsement by Molto DiModa, an Armani marketing executive with an Adventist family member who faithfully viewed Byrd’s Breath of Life programming. “I’m not religious myself but every time I visited my aunt’s house, Carlton Byrd was on and I noticed he had a thing for bow ties,” said DiModa.

“I looked into the Adventist market and it was clear that Adventists as a group don’t know a thing about real fashion so I approached Dr. Byrd for an Armani bow tie endorsement deal,” said DiModo. He stressed that he could think of “nobody better suited to introduce dress sense to the Adventist niche.”

DiModo admitted that Byrd took some convincing and only accepted the deal (which stipulates that he wears exclusively Armani bow ties on camera) after deciding to pass any endorsement earnings on as donations to Oakwood University.

“We gratefully accept this gift pledge from the man most of us would say is the best-dressed pastor in Adventism,” said Oakwood spokesperson Kirk Franklin, as news of Byrd’s philanthropic decision broke. “As far as we know, Dr. Byrd is the first Adventist pastor to score a fashion endorsement deal — and judging by how most of our ministers dress, he is likely to be the last.”



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  1. Richard Mills

    I am not a fashionista. Ties of any type are not Biblical. Only the tie that binds. Go for it, Byrd. Good Luck. Youse be a role model for the rest of the bow tiers. Why not use the $$$$$$$$$$$$ to foot the next 2020 GC. Give us faithful tithe payers a break. Didn’t Elvis sing a song about being all tied up? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh! Woe iz me.

    1. Donald Tramp

      Now, now, poor Richard, calm down. Ties, shmies! And throw out your Elvis records. Get out your good old Del Delker cassettes. Didn’t Del sing about the tie that binds? Hooray!

  2. María Sánchez

    This story no is real. He is fake. Sevvy no has nothing better about to write. He like invent news that is no news. He lose time by write crap. Debería escribir anuncios políticos de hip-hop para Ben Carsón.

  3. Richard Mills

    Senorita Maria-Story is real=Real phoney. Like to make fun. Be happy. It is good to laff. Like my Hasidic friend, Moise sez, “Don’t be nebbish. Put on a happy punam”. Got to eat my bagels & lox for Shabboth. Feliz Sabado. mi amigos. Woe iz me.

    1. María Sánchez

      Señor Richard, you no understands what I did say. All story here is real fake. Sevvy write crap for trick persons not know is real fake. Now you go eat nebbish and punam. Feliz sábado. Ahora, vuelva a su celda acolchada. Gracias.

  4. Richard Mills

    Please forward to C. Byrd-Try to patronize our hard working SDA business people. Like the Antonovich Brothers n New Jersey. They sell quality furs. They last a life time unlike the animals they came from. Free winter storage.

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