CARTOON: More Uses for Soybeans

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Attention BarelyAdventist readers!

We have started accepting cartoon submissions. A huge thanks goes out to Adventist cartoonist, Amy G. Dala for this one titled “More Uses for Soybeans”:

Special thanks to Adventist cartoonist Amy G. Dala for the illustration...
Special thanks to Adventist cartoonist Amy G. Dala for the illustration…


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    1. Li'l Debbie

      Great idea, Ray. I’m gonna patent that Soycolate stuff and cash in with a new line of snack cakes: Mouthwatering Carob & Soycolate Delights. I’m getting hungry (and fat) just thinking about it!

  1. Lil Dwayne

    I want me some of dose “alternative vice” Soygars. Can’t wait till they reach da shelves of da local ABC. But I can’t read da warning inside da box lid. Can anybody make out da 5th word: “Warning: Smoking Soygars can ____ you too.” It looks like “joll” – but dat don’t make sense. Could it be “roll” or “kill”? Whatever it is, they gotta be better for me than the stuff I been doin’.

  2. I like the Christmas ornament: “Soy to the World.” Now, how about some vegetarian fashion ornaments: a pair of “soyrings” for your ears, a “soylace” for your neck, and “soylets” for your wrists. Who needs pearls when you could have a string of organic non-GMO soybeans? It would be a lovely, natural fashion statement.

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