17 awesomely Adventist substitutes

Adventists have a long list of occasionally delicious and frequently confusing substitutes for food, drink and other facets of mainstream life. Here’s our stab at a cheat sheet to the main culprits: 1) Read more […]

Wisconsin Conference employees busted for using Dorcas donations for Christmas ugly sweater party

FALL RIVER, Wis. — Details are emerging this morning of a late-night security intervention at the Wisconsin Conference offices. ADT Security personnel arrived at the office building shortly Read more […]

Slide Show: 11 Adventist-appropriate alternatives to Halloween

It’s Halloween! Dreaded by Adventists everywhere for its pagan roots, celebration of the occult and the inevitable explaining to teary-eyed children of why they can not go out and have fun that night. But no need to fear! We’ve come up with some ideas that may help soothe the pain of not getting free candy from strangers.

Sligo Church to get a smoke machine

Takoma Park, Md. — Hailed as an “historic milestone in the growth of Sligo Church,” Senior Pastor Charles Tapp announced today that the church would inaugurate a smoke machine next Sabbath. Read more […]

Slide Show: Celebrities with an Adventist connection — Part I

The peculiar people have some interesting ties to some very familiar faces. You might just be surprised at who turns up in this list…

Retired Adventist youth pastor banned from World Rook Olympics for winning too much

RENO, Nev. — World Rook Olympics officials have officially banned Dave Anderson, a 77-year-old retired Adventist youth pastor, from future competition following his 7th straight Gold medal Read more […]