Thousands of single Adventists furiously flirting on last GC day

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — With the doors of the ark-like Alamodome about to close for good on the San Antonio General Conference Session, single Adventists are swarming around each other in an all-out Read more […]

Christian intimacy book, “The Adventist Missionary Position,” hits shelves

NAMPA, Idaho — In an attempt to counter secular guides to marriage intimacy, Pacific Press has released “The Adventist Missionary Position.” The publisher bills the book as being “jam-packed Read more […]

Slide Show: Reasons you’re still single if you’re an Adventist

There’s single for a season, and single for a reason. If you feel like your season of singleness has lasted an unusually long time, maybe it’s time to check out some of these reasons…

Jamaican Union Conference conducts mass kissing conference

MANDEVILLE, Jamaica — An excited crowd of 2000 Adventist Jamaicans were treated to ‘professional’ kissing lessons at a couples’ conference this past Saturday. The free kissing workshop Read more […]

GC bans kissing in Adventist wedding ceremonies

  SILVER SPRING, Md. — Adventists can kiss kissing at weddings goodbye. As part of a General Conference campaign to enforce modesty standards across the world church, the world headquarters Read more […]

Couple, married by Ryan Bell, wonders if they are still married

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Randy and Brenda Magnusson have joined the chorus of current and former members of Hollywood Adventist Church speaking out about their experience with Ryan Bell as pastor. Read more […]

Bickering Adventist couple plans to move way north so the sun will never set on their anger

COLLEGEDALE, Tenn. — Clara and Ed Holder have big plans for their marriage next year. The Collegedale-based couple is planning to move to a country with territory comfortably within the Read more […]

Adventists sign up for electronic obituary update service to keep abreast of future marriage prospects

Battle Creek, Mich. — “This service is the best thing since sliced bead,” gushed 79-year-old retired academy teacher Victor Wilson, whose wife passed away from diabetes complications three Read more […]