Elmshaven Closes as EGW’s Descendants Move Back In


ST. HELENA, Calif. — Tours of Elmshaven, Adventist co-founder Ellen White’s Northern Californian home, have been scrapped due to new occupants moving in.

At the time of publishing, seven descendants of White had pulled up to the residence with U-Hauls, saying they were claiming their inheritance rights as the cost of living across California and the rest of the United States continues to dramatically rise. 

The White descendants are said to be split on what to do with all the very old furniture in the historic house as it is downright uncomfortable to sit or sleep in.  In addition, no one can agree on where to place the flat screen TVs that will need to be installed in every room.

The only thing family members can currently agree upon is that new plumbing needs to be installed to ensure pre-Sabbath baths won’t be ice cold.

Image credit: Elmshaven Landmark – Facebook


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