Freezing Andrews students frantically apply for missions posts

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Judging by this AU webcam shot, there's a rough winter ahead...
Judging by this AU webcam shot, there’s a rough winter ahead…
BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. — The Student Missions office at Andrews University has been a hub of frenzied activity over the last 48 hours. Office staff are reporting “stratospheric” levels of interest in overseas service.

Despite blizzard conditions and icy sidewalks, students have trudged through the snow to try their luck at the Student Missions Office. Each student in the line that stretches the length of the hallway outside the office has the same request: “How do I get somewhere warmer?”

“Judging by the snow that’s already dumping down on us, this is going to be a brutal winter,” said Sophomore French Major, Janice Burton. “I’m hoping there’s an island in Micronesia that desperately needs a teacher cause I’m already sick of this weather.”

“We have never seen such a dramatic surge in missionary spirit,” said Student Missions coordinator, Myrna Ragui. “And these kids aren’t doing long-term planning either, they want to go serve right now!” Ragui said that she always knew that Andrews students were service-minded but that that never in her career has she seen this level of missionary zeal.

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  1. Richard Mills

    I suggest AU students head off to Pitcairn Island, Fiji, Tonga,Pelau, Bora-Bora,-any place in the South Pacific. It may be so good, they will never return to Berrien Springs!! You know, the Great Advent Movement!! Aren’t the islands to be swallowed up at the 2nd Coming? Woe is me!!

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