Jennifer Lawrence to play Ellen White in GC-funded movie

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Lawrence was chosen to play White because of her "strength of spirit"
Lawrence was chosen to play White because of her “strength of spirit”
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — A full-length drama about the life and work of Ellen G. White, the female co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is in pre-production and Jennifer Lawrence has been announced as the actress to play White.

Provisionally titled Messenger, the film is completely funded by the General Conference and has been billed as a culturally-relevant way to tell the story of the woman whose visions and writings have shaped the church.

A number of General Conference committees have been assembled to ensure that the film stays true to the historical record. GC leadership is desperately trying to avoid the recent controversy surrounding the cancellation of The Record Keeper, a steam punk web series adaptation of White’s book The Great Controversy. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent producing the series only for the project to be canceled at the last minute by unimpressed senior GC leadership.

The film will highlight White’s impact on the church through her extensive writing on practical Christianity, health and prophecy. The White Estate has decided to stress White’s progressive stances on women to appeal to audiences both in and outside the church and to help rehabilitate the image of the denomination after a damaging vote last summer to ban women’s ordination.

“Jennifer Lawrence is no pushover, she has taken a stand on issues ranging from the hacking scandal that disseminated private photos of celebrities, to her demands for pay equality between male and female actors,” said Ellen G. White Estate representative, Noalas Compilaciones. “Ellen White did all she could to empower the women of her day and we thought that based on her outspoken track record, Jennifer would be able to best convey this dedication to the cause.”

Messenger is due for release on October 22, 2016. It will be released online and will also be showing in church fellowship halls around the world. “We are obviously not releasing an Ellen White movie in theaters,” said Compilaciones.



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  1. Good name for the alleged White Estate representative, “Noalas Compilaciones.” Yup, they certainly produce a lot of “new compilations.” They should produce a compilation of all the statements Sis. White made in favor of women in ministry. . . .

  2. Ray Kraft

    Why not release it in movie theaters? What better way to do evangelism? Adventists don’t need to go to theaters to see it, they can go to private screenings in church fellowship halls, but just imagine, millions and millions of Unbelievers seeing it in theaters and seeing the Light? Accepting the Truth? It’ll be a blockbuster fer sure, bigger than “Gone With the Wind,” bigger than “Star Wars!”

    The theater release can be timed to coincide with Dr. Ben Carson’s inauguration as President.

  3. Planmeister

    Yeah, but after Lawrence came out strong for equal pay for female actors, the GC is reconsidering. They may be looking for a more malleable lead. [And by “malleable” I mean “cheaper.”]

    Also, “A number of General Conference committees have been assembled to ensure that the film stays true to the historical record.” Every film director’s dream – A number of committees looking over his shoulder.

    Also, what’s become of their previously-announced film project, “Copyist”??

      1. Tyrone Jackson

        Her heart. She had a heart for African-Americans. She called slavery “a sin of the darkest dye” and demanded that its public defenders be disfellowshiped from the Advent Movement. She denounced racism, stating: “The American nation owes a debt of love to the colored race, and God has ordained that they should make restitution for the wrong they have done them in the past. Those who have taken no active part in enforcing slavery upon the colored people are not relieved from the responsibility of making special efforts to remove, as far as possible, the sure result of their enslavement.” (Review and Herald, January 21, 1896).

    1. Marilyn morrison

      Is this true? I have read recently that Sojourner Truth was SDA….I was pretty impressed by that……..I’m no fan of EGW……but I think I might like her more if she was black……

    2. Tyrone Jackson

      It would be nice if it were so, but that is an urban legend arising from a poorly-researched book by Ed Dudley in 1999. In reality, an expert genealogist (Roger D. Joslyn, CG, FASG) studied the matter in great detail for the E.G. White Estate in 2002 and concluded that “there is no, or even a hint of, evidence … that there is a connection between the Gould family ancestral to Ellen Gould (Harmon) White and those of the name Gould who settled in Gouldtown, New Jersey, from the West Indies. For historical accuracy, it cannot be claimed she had any known ancestry that could be classified as non-white.”

  4. Donald Dump

    No such film would be complete without a rich buffoon of a presidential candidate playing the part of James White. I could fund the whole project and prevent the “SDA Papacy” from ruining the production.

  5. Milly Brown-Rice

    Now why does everyone laugh so hard at these stories when they ain’t funny? Satire is one thing; lies are another; this story is neither one! You can stop hiding behind that silly screen name (“sevvy”). We know who you are; our private eye has identified you as Yi Jie Hsü of Pyongyang, North Korea, born in 1937 with a UPS tracking # of 1Z V32 133 61 9640 604 8. You are a great writer. Why not use your time and talent to write something true and worthwhile, like The Adventures of Captain Underpants or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Nobody (not even me) reads this site anymore; and all the readers who write comments are a bunch of losers (including me). It’s so crowded that nobody goes there anymore. What is the world coming to? A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore!

  6. Richard Mills

    Hold on all you pardners-EGW was a bit plump. This Jennifer babe is not! I know a guy in Mass. who is a dead ringer to play James White. You know who I mean? I want to play the part of Uriah Smith. I am good at words. But no wooden leg. My wife can play EGW in her later years. What’s next? A film bio on Ted Wilson? Woe is me!!

  7. Alex Cryz

    This is disturbing. I have trouble understanding and accepting this decision by the Church.

    First, Ellen G. White will be portrayed by a woman who’s stared in pagan movies; X-Men, The Hunger Games, and American Hustle just to mention a few. Don’t get me wrong Lawrence is a hell of an actress; an “A Lister” for sure, but this seems out of taste for a otherwise very conservative and strict church.

    Secondly, Lawrence was a victim of nude photos being stolen and released by hackers recently. Although it wasn’t her fault, one would think that the SDA church would choose a person with a cleaner image to represent someone as revered as ElIen G. White. This is one of many new disturbing trends that are beginning to plague a church once known for it’s conservative principles. Ted Wilson, President of SDA church, recently requested that there be no clapping when he spoke, as he preferred a simple “Amen.” This was customary church practice in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and even 90’s when clapping was frowned upon inside of any temple.

    Lastly, the fact this is being funded by the General Conference is something that bugs me a lot. You mean to tell me that this is where our tithe is going? With so many other priorities within the church and this is what we get. My daughter’s SDA school is on the verge of shutting down because of piss-poor management. As a parent, I am thirsty for competent educators who can actually teach. How about getting new books for them? They’re still using books that I used when I was there 15 years ago. You mean to tell me we can’t use some funding in our schools?

    Is Lawrence going to get paid? If so, how much? Our members have the right to know.

    Here’s a suggestion, if this movie is made and released don’t ask for any offerings or money to watch it. Make it to missionize to individules who don’t know about the church.

    I pray that our priorities as a church change and that we get back to what really matters.

    Kind Regards,

    Alex Cruz

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