Loma Linda grad suing medical school because he’s not rich yet

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He can't even...

He can’t even…

LOMA LINDA, Calif. — Andrew Baxter, MD has filed a $750,000 law suit against Loma Linda University School of Medicine.  “Contrary to my expectations, I am still not rich 5 years after finishing med school and two years after surviving residency.”

The pediatrician is suing for the cost of his education expenses ($200,000+) as well as what he is calling “the huge opportunity loss”.  He insists that were it not for the reputation of medicine as a money-maker he would have studied something else.

“Instead of working in Bakersfield to pay off loans, I could have been looking back at career doing something less stressful,” said an angry Baxter.

The physician claims that he was led to believe that going to medical school would ensure a lifetime of stable prosperity.  “It’s a lie!  When you count the amount of hours I work, the truth is that some of my staff make a higher hourly rate.  Meanwhile, I’m not rich, I’m in debt!”

“We actually get a lot of these cases,” said an administrator for the LLU School of Medicine in reaction to news of the lawsuit.  “We try to set reasonable expectations early on but many students don’t listen.  The reality is that healthcare is rough.  There is absolutely no guarantee that it will be lucrative, especially in areas like Pediatrics.”

Baxter has proven impossible to dissuade from taking legal action.  He insists that he was misled: “I may as well have become a nurse or even a dentist!”


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  1. Julie Lemon

    If he only cared about “money”, he should have gone into law! Changes of $300-50000 dollars and hour!!!! That’s where this man belongs! No mercy for othes, just ego, he ddeceived himself!!

  2. Richard Mills

    This guy needs to branch outside of Loma Linda & California for the big bucks. There are lots of small burbs looking for a doctor. Come on down and sign up. Check out the many health care corporations being started around the U.S. Check out the Crystal Run Health Care here in Middletown, NY. Any specialty accepted.

  3. Although this post is fiction, it expresses a truth: primary care physicians are not really well paid. The average internist works 60 hours a week and earns $120,000. The average specialist works 20 hours a week and earns $360,000. Moral of the story: if you want to get rich in medicine, you have to endure years of additional specialty residencies and sub-specialty fellowships (and during those years of residencies and fellowships, your pay is quite minimal).

  4. LLU grad's wife.

    Sometimes satire is too close to real life – except he wouldn’t have been rich or less busy paying off loans if he took dentistry. LLU has a good dental school but a very, very expensive one. And the collection agencies that the SDA church and schools have become are anything but Christian. The loans and the tactics used to collect them ruined 30 years of our lives.

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