Marvel Studios to adapt The Great Controversy for film

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BURBANK, Calif. — Marvel Studios, renowned worldwide for multiple, billion dollar Marvel Comics character film franchises, has announced their intention to create a film adaptation of Ellen G. White’s “The Great Controversy.” The film, due for release in 2017, represents what Marvel Studios spokesperson, Val Aratunian, calls “an experiment with religious writing of high cinematic potential.”

Studio creatives first got the idea of a film adaptation of “The Great Controversy” from watching “The Record Keeper,” a never-released steampunk web series. “I watched every episode that had been uploaded to YouTube and then read straight through a copy of “The Great Controversy” that someone had put in my mailbox,” said the upcoming film’s director Brian Singer, who most recently directed the studio’s 2014 release of “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

“The book is incredible,” said Singer. “It’s a little dated but it literally has everything: supernatural struggles between Good and Evil set partly in space and climaxing with literally apocalyptic destruction and, finally, a blissful ending. How has this not made it to the big screen yet?”

Although the film is in the early stages of pre-production, Singer is confident that there will be no shortage of A-list actors vying for roles. “We’ve got the very major roles of Michael and Lucifer, first and foremost but what’s cool about “The Great Controversy” is that it covers a lot of historical events as well, with roles for Constantine 1, the Pope, Martin Luther and dozens of other characters.”

Singer said that he contacted the General Conference, but while the idea of a Marvel Adaptation caused quite the stir at the White Estate and much GC committee time was dedicated to the idea of a partnership with Marvel, the idea was ultimately shot down by senior GC leadership. “In the end, I got a four-word rejection email from my GC liaison,” reported Singer: “Been there, done that.”

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  1. Richard Mills

    Maybe Netflix can get in on this one. If Marvel needs more $$$$$$$$$$$$, go to the Shark Tank people. Definitely a money maker, secular & religious genre. SHAZAM! sez Billy Batson.

        1. Dorothy Mills

          For Pete’s sake, can’t you keep your mind off Roma Downey? She hasn’t done your cooking, ironing, and laundry all these years. Another peep about Roma, and you’ll be sharing the doghouse with Fido. Woe is you! (Now, back to my Robert Downey flick.)

  2. Ray Kraft

    Oh, I hope so! It’ll sweep the Academy Awards! What greater adventure flick could there possibly be than the cosmic war between God and Satan? It’ll be bigger than Titanic + Star Wars + Gone With The Wind!

    Maybe the Marvel treatment will answer the question I’ve always wondered about.

    What, exactly, did Satan ne Lucifer rebel against?

    Who has ever rebelled against Goodness?

    I think we can all agree that Satan as we know him is a malevolent sociopath, who takes the greatest pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering on others, a nihilist who wants nothing more than to bring everything crashing down.

    But malevolent sociopaths, among the human race at least, aren’t born, they’re made . . . almost always by being severely abused and badly neglected children. So God abused and neglected Lucifer so badly that he became Satan?

    If God is Good, this makes no sense at all.

    So there was war in heaven . . . yes, Isaiah, as I recall, says that . . . and Lucifer rebelled and got expelled . . . but what, exactly, was all this about? How did it happen? What for?

    If God is goodness and perfect in every way, and Heaven is the most peaceful and wondrous of all possible places, how can there be wars in heaven? What if our ideas of Heaven are badly mistaken?

    1. APlus Dave

      I love this one, but I must drop in a serious response to your question about Satan/Lucifer. The question (as I paraphrase you) is how did Lucifer become Satan in the absence of abuse by his ‘parental authority’?

      As my parents kept telling me as I grew up, the big stuff always starts with the little stuff. In Lucifer’s case, it started with a thought. His thought. And as we look down through human history, starting with Eve, we see that his efforts to get us to move away from God always starts with a thought.

      And that is why this will never make it to the big screen! They can show action, not thoughts! Oh well, it would have been a film that my church could send all of the young people to and pat themselves on the back at the same time!

      Anyway, You make good points.

      1. Tito Mulonga, Jr.

        APlus Dave, you get only a A Minus. Hollywood can easily show a person’s thoughts by having him talk to himself on screen, or by what he says to others.

    2. James Nichols

      Evil arose in the heart of lucifer. Without reason or cause. These facts make its appearance a complete mystery that only God knows and is not for our benefit to know. What we are shown is the consequences of it in contrast to the love of God and all are allowed to choose their destiny for themselves. God offers eternal life to those who choose good. And he provides all opportunity for us to do so. We are left with no excuse for our own evil, there is no reason nor cause. We make ourselves our own God and the results have been fully revealed. Choose this day whom you will serve.

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