New White House pet is lamblike beast

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Coming soon to the White House lawns...
Coming soon to the White House lawns…
WASHINGTON, D.C. — The latest addition to the time-honored tradition of White House pets will be an entirely new species described by President-Elect Donald Trump’s staffers as a “lamb-like beast.”

The fuzzy creature which will be given free reign of the White House lawns was cryptically said to have originally “come out of the earth.”

Veteran White House correspondent Arma Geddine said that the two little horns on the pet are sure to be a crowdpleaser.

“The lamblike creature’s horns will grow fast and experts say they soon will flourish as this animal develops in its new role as the world’s most powerful pet,” said Geddine.

While loyal hounds may have captured the imagination of the public in years past, Geddine said that the lamblike beast will “attract tourism of biblical proportions to the White House.”

Geddine encourages those impressed by the new pet to consider visiting its Italian cousin at the Vatican. The Roman beast is said to be recovering well from a head injury it sustained some time ago.

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  1. Pepe le Cook.

    This lamb will make great stew, in fact it will be so good, it would be worthy even for Jesus to enjoy, if he were here that is. I’m sure he enjoyed many good stews while walking this land, but this one, wow!

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