Seminarian Carries Proverbs 31 Woman Checklist on Dates

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Md. – Ultra-organized and entirely over-earnest, Del E. Gencia, a second-year Andrews seminarian, is feeling the pressure to find the right woman before he is deployed to the field as a youth pastor. 

To that end, Gencia carries a fresh copy of a checklist containing all the qualities of the righteous woman described in Proverbs 31. He also carries a black sharpie so that if he ever scores a date (real or imagined), he can check off how his date is measuring up to his list of criteria in real time.

On the few occasions Gencia has managed to snag a date, his suspicious check marks and persistent questions about his date’s flax selection proficiency have caused much concern, prompting ladies across campus to cross him off their list of crisis scenario romantic options.


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