Slacker Church Parking Volunteer Hasn’t Done Job In Months

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This guy literally hasn’t done a thing in months. While he used to self-importantly stride around the church parking lot on Sabbath mornings, all he does these days is just smile and wave on Zoom church meetings. I hear he hasn’t felt the need to so much as put on his shiny yellow church parking guy vest for most of this year. I’ve personally seen him casually drive past the church parking lot on Sabbath morning without so much as looking at it. You’d think that when the nominating committee votes you in for a two-year term as church parking guy, you’d actually take it seriously. Not this guy (don’t actually know his name, just the fact that he called me out for double parking.)



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  1. Richard Mills

    At our church, social distancing is practiced by the cars parking 6′ apart-on street& lot.. Everybody walks in 6′ part. The recent baptism was 6 ‘apart. SabbathSchool lesson study is 6′ apart(actually that has been going on for years!). Elders on the platform are 6’ part. The potluck lunch line is 6’apart. Lunch is over by sundown! The local pastor cant visit you due to covid19. We visit each other.
    Woe iz me!!

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