Slide Show: Celebrities with an Adventist Connection — Part II

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The peculiar people have some interesting ties to some very familiar faces. You might just be surprised at who turns up in this list, and who's NOT on the list (Guess what: Ozzy Osbourne, Mark Mark Wahlberg and Jaci Velasquez are NOT connected to the Adventist church. But don't let that stop you from singing "Flower in the Rain" for special music, teenage girls.)

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  1. Snodgrass

    Still haven’t seen Tommy Morrison on here. He went SDA for a while. He was a late 1980s “great-white-hope” boxer who claimed to be a grandnephew of John Wayne and famously developed HIV. He later died of AIDS. The general public might remember him as “Tommy Gunn” in one of the later Rocky movies

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