Slide Show: Stuff Adventists feel guilty about


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Sabbath is a day of rest. Which means you can cool off your feet in a stream, but you can't swim. You can take a leisurely walk, but you can't run. You can sit down and stuff yourself at potluck, but you can't lift weights. Yeah, Adventists are special like that.

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  1. Richard Mills

    Jewelry-I like the necklaces with a watch attatched-cool! Who remembers when an evangelistic meeting was held in a theater-those seats were comfortable.What happened to the hand cuffs to control the clapping? I remember a couple of Bible guys raising hands. No problem with gays: WELCOME I predict the next GC president will be a women nominated off the floor. Does the media ever mention a guy is a former “Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, etc?” Don’t dis the Little Debbies-I love ’em, all flavors!! Especially the stuff from the day old store by Collegedale. Great bargains. Saves you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.. I know that couple eating out on a Friday night-

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