Sneaky Ways Adventists Try to Figure Out If You’re “Liberal” or “Conservative”

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We Adventists are a diverse bunch, aren’t we? Sometimes, curiosity gets the better of us, and we can’t help but wonder where our fellow church members fall on the theological spectrum. Here’s a look at some subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways Adventists try to decode your theological leanings.

1. The Potluck Predicament
Your potluck contribution speaks volumes. Here’s what they’re looking for:
Conservative tell: You bring the classic haystack ingredients or Little Debbie snacks.
Liberal tell: Your contribution is a vegan quinoa salad or homemade kombucha.

2. The Sabbath Afternoon Inquisition
Listen carefully when someone asks about your Sabbath plans. They’re fishing for:
Conservative tell: You mention plans for a nap or Bible study at home.
Liberal tell: You’re organizing a nature hike or community service project.

3. The Ellen White Litmus Test
When Ellen White comes up in conversation, they’re watching for your reaction:
Conservative tell: You can quote Ellen White verbatim and apply her writings literally.
Liberal tell: You discuss the historical context of her writings or focus on her social justice teachings.

4. The Music Debate
Your stance on church music can be a dead giveaway:
Conservative tell: You express a strong preference for traditional hymns and organ music.
Liberal tell: You’re excited about contemporary praise music and drums in church.

5. The Dress Code Detective Work
Your Sabbath best might be under scrutiny. They’re looking to see if:
Conservative tell: You adhere strictly to traditional Adventist dress standards.
Liberal tell: Your attire is more relaxed, possibly including jewelry or unconventional styles.

6. The Creation Conversation
When the topic of creation comes up, they’re listening for:
Conservative tell: You firmly believe in a literal six-day creation week.
Liberal tell: You’re open to discussing various interpretations of Genesis. For you, the main point is God created.


You’ve had your fix of satire. Now head over to Adventist Today for current events updates, analysis and opinion on all things Adventist.


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