Trump Insists on ‘Haystack-Building’ Competition to Demonstrate Problem-Solving Skills in Presidential Debate

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In a move that has left both political pundits and culinary enthusiasts hungrier, former President Donald Trump has insisted that the upcoming presidential debate include a “haystack-building” competition to demonstrate the candidates’ problem-solving skills. This unique request aims to showcase the candidates’ ability to think on their feet and create something out of a diverse set of ingredients.

“Ben Carson proved to me that haystacks require YUGE creativity and resourcefulness,” Trump explained at a recent rally. “What better way to show the American people that we can handle complex issues than by building the perfect haystack?”

The proposed competition would see Trump and President Joe Biden each given a variety of ingredients, including corn chips, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and salsa, to construct their own version of the beloved Adventist dish. The candidates would be judged on their ability to balance flavors, presentation, and overall ingenuity.

Biden’s campaign team has reportedly been taken aback by the suggestion but is preparing to rise to the challenge. “We were ready to discuss healthcare, the economy, and foreign policy,” a Biden aide said. “But now we have to brush up on our culinary skills. It’s an unexpected twist, but we’re up for it. Even if we are Catholic.”

Adventist communities have reacted with a mix of amusement and curiosity. “It’s not every day you see haystacks become a focal point in a presidential debate,” said Dr. Ellen Wright, a professor of theology at Andrews University. “But it does add a unique flavor to the proceedings.”

Social media has been buzzing with reactions. “Finally, a debate segment I can relate to!” tweeted @SabbathWarrior. “Can’t wait to see who makes the best haystack.”

Others are more skeptical. “Is this just a ploy to distract from real policy discussions?” wondered @ProphecyWatcher. “Or does Trump really have a newfound interest in Adventist cuisine?”


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