GYC Earlybird registrants guaranteed a spouse

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The event  and all romantic matchmaking will take place in the Phoenix Convention Center
The event and all romantic matchmaking will take place in the Phoenix Convention Center.
Organizers of next year’s GYC have announced that registration for the young adult conference is about to open. To encourage early registration, anyone aged 18 to 35 that signs up before Earlybird registration ends on Oct. 8, is guaranteed to be matched with an Adventist future spouse by the final day of the event.

“We firmly believe that one of the greatest benefits of Christian fellowship at GYC events is meeting potential Adventist mates,” said Kara Jordan, GYC Social Coordinator. “This year we have decided to reward early registrants with a guarantee of a future mate that they will meet at the convention.”

Although Jordan admits that the logistics may prove to be complicated, she says that the organizing committee is fully confident that they will find matches for everyone that meets the Earlybird age requirements.

Qualifying registrants will be directed to fill out an online profile that will require a photo, links to social media profiles and a short summary of likes/dislikes, as well their favorite hymn. “We don’t need any more details,” said Jordan. “GYC is super romantic around New Year and we are sure that sparks will be flying.”

Disorganized Adventist young adults that register after Oct. 8 will not receive any romantic assurances whatsoever from the event’s leadership. “If you register late you are on your own. Don’t come to us for help. All you’ve got after the deadline is hope that a vespers date pans out,” said Jordan.

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  1. Richard Mills

    I’m gonna sign up my grandson & granddaughter for this registration bonus. After all these years of them attending a GYC, my financial investment is ready to pay off! Woe is me!

  2. Rachel

    That was actually my biggest complaint when I went to GYC a few years ago as a single–they didn’t allow time to meet people! They should have had a speed dating event. Would have been a huge service to the church.

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