New Adventist Board Game ‘Sabbath Loopholes’ Becomes Overnight Sensation

In a surprising turn of events, a new board game called “Sabbath Loopholes” has taken the Adventist world by storm, selling out in record time at ABC stores across the globe. The game challenges Read more […]

99% of Adventists Would Rather Get Root Canals Than Teach Teen Sabbath School

A recent survey has found that an overwhelming majority of church members would prefer to undergo multiple root canals than volunteer to teach the teen Sabbath School class. The study, conducted Read more […]

Pastor Fundraising for New Wing Sick of People Saying Church “Is Not a Building”

Pastor Michael Reynolds has a massive headache, and it’s not from too many rounds of “Bringing in the Sheaves” on Sabbath mornings. No, his migraine stems from a certain oft-repeated phrase that Read more […]

10 Awkward Moments Every Adventist Has Experienced at Church

We’ve all been there. Church is a place of worship, community, and sometimes, those cringe-worthy moments that make you want to hide under the pew. Here are ten awkward moments every Adventist Read more […]

Local Adventist’s Excuse For Turning Down All Volunteering: “I Don’t Want to be a Martha”

Local Adventist Joe Hashbrown has decided to “take a stand against the patriarchal volunteerism culture that has oppressed church ladies for centuries. “ “I’m just too spiritual for all Read more […]

Local Adventist Prays For Release From Post-Service Conversation With Chatty Member

Local Adventist Matthew Thompson found himself in desperate need of divine intervention this past Sabbath as he became ensnared in a post-service conversation with Sister Edith, the church’s Read more […]

Signs You’ve Entered A California Adventist Church

1. The Welcome Committee Hands You a Latte You knew you were in for something different when you were greeted with a smile and a perfectly frothed cappuccino. No Roma here! 2. The Dress Code Read more […]

Church AV Guy Thinks Neuralink Implants Are Key to Sinless Living

The following is a late-night email our church received from our AV guy, Chad, who is pretty excited: Let’s face it, folks, most of us wouldn’t mind a little less temptation in our lives. That Read more […]