Pastor Fundraising for New Wing Sick of People Saying Church “Is Not a Building”

Pastor Michael Reynolds has a massive headache, and it’s not from too many rounds of “Bringing in the Sheaves” on Sabbath mornings. No, his migraine stems from a certain oft-repeated phrase that Read more […]

American Adventists sacrifice one Taco Bell meal, save Mount Vernon Academy

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio — “I’ve never put my faith to the test in a bigger way,” said Dave “Big Burrito” Burman. Wiping away a tear he recalled the Taco Bell grilled 7-layer burrito, cheesy nachos, Read more […]

Washington Adventist University schedules power outage to save money

TAKOMA PARK, Md. — Washington Adventist University is closed today as a power outage that started yesterday continues to bring activity on the Takoma Park campus to a standstill. In a status Read more […]