Andrews Communication Dept: In Heaven You’ll Look Like Your Favorite Insta Filter

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich—The Communication Department at Andrews University has confirmed that, upon entering Heaven, everyone will appear as their favorite Instagram filter. “Our extensive Read more […]

Church AV Guy Thinks Neuralink Implants Are Key to Sinless Living

The following is a late-night email our church received from our AV guy, Chad, who is pretty excited: Let’s face it, folks, most of us wouldn’t mind a little less temptation in our lives. That Read more […]

Last Generation Theologian Frustrated He’s Only 99% Perfect

BUTTONED UP, Tenn. — Last Generation theologian, Solo Opera, took a break from his prophetic timeline charts this afternoon, to take a 30-minute standardized holiness test. Opera was hugely Read more […]