Signs You’ve Entered A California Adventist Church

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1. The Welcome Committee Hands You a Latte
You knew you were in for something different when you were greeted with a smile and a perfectly frothed cappuccino. No Roma here!

2. The Dress Code Is “California Casual”
Forget the ties and long skirts. Here, it’s all about jeans, sandals, and that shabby-chic look. Yes, those are designer flip-flops.

3. Hymns Have a Hip-Hop Remix
The music director seamlessly blends traditional hymns with a modern beat. Because who said you can’t praise with a little bass?

4. Potluck Includes Avocado Toast
Alongside the classic haystacks, you’ll find gourmet avocado toast and organic kale salad. Culinary adventure, darling!

5. Sermon Illustrations Include Surfing Analogies
When the pastor compares life’s waves to spiritual growth, you know you’re in California.

6. Everyone Speaks Proudly of the Centenarians at Loma Linda Being Blue Zoners
Conversations often turn to the impressive longevity of Loma Linda residents, one of the world’s Blue Zones. Living to 100? No biggie here.

7. An Elder Drinks
Don’t be surprised if you see an elder enjoying a glass of wine at a social event. And no, it’s not Martinelli’s.

8. Singles Make Pilgrimages to Loma Linda to Find Dates
Loma Linda University is the go-to spot for Adventist singles looking for love after college. Swipe right on Loma Linda!

9. Recycling Bins Everywhere
Environmental stewardship is taken seriously. You’ll find recycling bins next to every trash can.

10. Community Service Projects Are Progressive
From battling the housing crisis to urban gardening projects, the church is deeply involved in modern social justice issues.


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