Ben Carson to announce Doug Batchelor as running mate at GC closing ceremony

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Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson
SAN ANTONIO, Texas — In his largest campaign rally to date,  Seventh-day Adventist former neurosurgeon and current United States presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is set to officially announce his choice for running mate to a capacity crowd of 65,000 Adventists at tonight’s General Conference Session closing ceremonies in the Alamodome. According to a pre-event press release from Carson’s campaign management team, the man he has chosen is none other than fellow Adventist, Pastor Doug Batchelor.

Carson who has pushed his campaign staff to “Think Big” with unconventional outreach ideas has, until tonight, held off on large-scale direct appeals for support from his own faith community. However, he is said to be convinced that announcing Batchelor as his future Vice President on the last night of the General Conference will go a long way toward convincing Adventists of the viability of his candidacy.

Pastor Doug Batchelor
“Pitching your candidacy for US president to a captive audience of 65,000 Adventists is a bit of a gamble,” said La Sierra University Political Science Professor Seis Dias. “And gambling is not exactly a condoned Adventist practiced even with a big ticket draw like Doug Batchelor.”

Dias explained that Adventists are sticklers when it comes to the separation of church and state and that many will be concerned about the idea of an Adventist US president given the perceived role of the US in the Adventist understanding of end-time prophecy.

“Of course, that’s not going to stop anyone from coming to hear Dr. Carson tonight,” said Dias. “He has a multitude of good options for addressing the prophecy-related fears of Adventists. And quite frankly, none is savvier than announcing Doug Batchelor as his running mate.”

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  1. Ray Kraft

    If Dr. Carson is elected president, will he sign an executive order making Ellen G. White the National Prophet?

    Or Prophetess?

    How will this fly with the Mormons?

  2. Ramona Minisee

    How many of these people will be voting in the 2016 election? Many of the people who will hear this announcement do even live into the United States?

    How many people will recognize that this action speaks against the Bible (Doug Bachelor) and the Spirit of Prophecy so what is your point?

    Isn’t church and state suppose to be separate?

    How many women are aware that Doug Bachelor’s comments and his many visits to foreign countries kept women from moving forward?

    A strong No should be leveled against this “Political duo” in 2016 because Doug Bachelor has antiquated ideas dating back when he lived in the cave and Ben Carson has been attending different rallies on the Sabbath. Is this right?

    1. Kevin Giles

      Batchelor has demonstrated keen political skills in campaigning to prevent ordination of the female pastors. Such political savvy could be useful in Washington. He could convince the FAA to ban airplanes and promote horse-and-buggy transportation. Then he could lobby the Justice Department to re-institute prisoners’ chain gangs. Next, he could entreat the Department of Education to bring back one-room schoolhouses. Soon thereafter, he could pressure the Department of Energy to ban electricity and require use of oil lamps. He could direct HUD to get rid of homes and require everyone to dwell in caves. He might convince Hollywood to bring back “Leave it to Beaver” and “Father Knows Best” on black-and-white TVs. Heck, he could even make all the churches enforce head-coverings for women and muzzles to them silent. Carson could not pick a better VP.

  3. Chris Ebenezer

    The whole thing about Ben Carson running and now Doug being elected as the running mate is all a laughing matter, however, let’s not make this a mockery by our unthoughtful comments in social media. Let’s be adults!!!!!

  4. Emmanuel

    Will pray for him not that he should lose but that HIS will be done…..My fear isn’t directed to the church BUT to his personal/christian life. The church (SDA) will not collapse because her husband (Christ) is defending her jealously.. But how will he balance the 2, church and politics? Are we not running for the Constantine issue of March AD 321?.. I hope his Adventist background will not light fire on Christ body (church). Having read EGW-FE p475, Te p255 and many other sources I’m tempted to think that either the church or him will have to compromise principle. Yes he and the church may compromise but HIM and HIS word will not..

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