Borat returns in “Women’s (sub)Ordination – Interviews with Adventist Leaders”

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Borat is back!!
Borat is back!!
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has announced the June 2 release of his latest film: “Women’s (sub)Ordination.”  Cohen returns as eccentric Kazakh television personality Borat Sagdiyev, this time featuring interviews with Adventist leaders on the topic of female ordination.

“With my Jewish heritage I have always been intrigued by some of the Jewish tendencies in the Seventh-day Adventist subculture,” explained Cohen. “So I decided to explore the faith by looking at various Adventist opinions on what is clearly their hot button topic: female ordination.”

Cohen set out to interview Adventist leaders in all the world divisions as well as at the General Conference.  “I always say that it’s really nice to meet them and give them a super enthusiastic Borat high-five,” said Cohen about his interview style with leaders. He said that he then leads with one standard question: “Why did your founder give himself a female name?”  Cohen said that the question typically catches leaders off-guard and gets them talking.

“After a few preliminary interviews with me playing Borat, it was obvious that Adventist leaders had no grasp whatsoever of popular culture,” said Cohen. “I didn’t have to change anything about the Borat character because none of the Adventist execs had seen my movies.”

“I am not going to spoil my own film by telling you what these leaders told me. Besides, we’d be here all day, they are all over the map,” said Cohen. “I will say that this summer’s Adventist vote on women’s ordination is set to be more drama than all of my movies combined.”

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  1. Ray Kraft

    Oh, I wish this were true! and not just satire.

    Why “womens’ ordination” is even an issue is a complete mystery to me, the prejudice against women pastors, priests, rabbis, imams, is nothing but a hangover of the tired old idea that women are somehow inferior and incompetent and lesser than men.

    Some guys about whom we really know little or nothing write some books two or three thousand years ago that say only MEN! can be pastors, priests, rabbis, mullahs, and two or three thousand years later we’re still hangin’ onto those ancient opinions for dear life.

    Or maybe the world really will fall apart and life as we know it will end and God will smite us all dead with a bolt of lighting if somebody says, “And now I’d like to introduce to you Pastor Jane Smith!”

  2. This was comical and perceptive: “‘Why did your founder give himself a female name?’ Cohen said that question typically catches leaders off-guard and gets them talking.” How ironic that Ellen White was a woman. is what Cohen and the leaders should have read. Then they would know what the only sensible and biblical position is. God calls both men and women to the ministry. God also ordains both men and women. So should His church.

  3. Bob Wasmer

    >Ray, or when the new pastor says “Hello, I’m Pastor Jim and this is my wife Bruce. Wait until you taste his Special K Loaf at the potluck immediately following this morning’s service.”

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