Slide Show: 10 ways to accept compliments like an Adventist

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What to do when someone compliments you on that bangin' sermon/special music/memory verse reading? For starters, never ever say "Thank you." Despite what these words obviously mean, Adventists seem to think they imply pride in your own accomplishments rather than gratitude. Instead, deal with compliments the Adventist way: through deflection, redirection and outright confusion. (Photo via

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  1. Great job on the website, sevvy. Are you attributing your “literary” talents to the Almighty? Btw. In picture 10 there is a woman in a white robe. Is she ordained? Or is she a re-enactor of some sort? Maybe a liturgical dancer? Hmmm

  2. Best on your list is # 5, “Say ‘Happy Sabbath!'” You say “this phrase is always appropriate, in any situation.” I’m going to start using it on Wednesday nights at prayer meeting!

    By the way, you forgot one: when given a compliment, you can always quote from Isaac Watts’ hymn lyrics and say, “For such a worm as I?

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