Adventist fellowship halls screen Hacksaw Ridge to keep members from theaters


UNITED STATES — As war epic Hacksaw Ridge opens in theaters, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has obtained screening rights to show the film in church fellowship halls.

The Mel Gibson-directed film about Seventh-day Adventist conscientious objector and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Desmond T. Doss, has generated huge interest among Adventists.

The denomination discourages theater attendance but has promised to show the film for free outside Sabbath hours.

“If you want to see Hacksaw Ridge today, you’d better get to your local church by early afternoon,” said GC Director of Mass Sound of Music Appreciation, Hugh Famism.

He warned that due to the extremely violent nature of the film, many action scenes would be seen in fast-forward mode.

“The good news is that since half the movie is one big blood bath, you’ll be in and out of your fellowship hall in half the time you would spend at the theater.”

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  1. Richieeeee Rich

    Hacksaw Ridge is made in the same model as the Passsion of Christ. Mel Gibson is a violent person. Just look at his past films & lifestyle. Disgusting! SDA’s need not go to those blood thirsty, gory type films. Stay home. Do something constructive!! Woe to all of youse who seen it.

  2. Richieeeee Rich

    Just read in the WSJ, 11/7/16 that Hacksaw Ridge took in $14.8 mil. Not bad for a $50mil investment. Sales will perk up when HR comes out in DVD. Watch for it in your local WALMART, BJ, COSCO, SAM’S CLUB, BEST BUY, etc.

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