OBG – Slide Show: Reasons you are late to church


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We've all had those Sabbath mornings when we were running behind and slid into the pew a few or 30 minutes late. Here, some of our favorite reasons why...

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  1. richard mills

    Even though your slide pix is supposed to be satire, there is a lot of truth to each one. Many SDA’s have a slew of excuses for being late each Sabbath. The commuters are always late coming home on Friday night, especially when the clock changes to EST. What about those who claim they must work in a medical facility on the 3-11 0r graveyard shift? In our church, we have a bunch that always come during the latter part of the sermon. Seats are already taken. They must stay in the foyer & sneak in by another door to play the part of a on time member. Why am I wasting my time on this subject? They are all creatures of habit. Woe iz me!!

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