Trump threatens to convert to Adventism if Carson keeps beating him in polls


NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. — Immediately on the heels of critiquing Republican rival Ben Carson’s Seventh-day Adventist faith, presidential candidate Donald Trump is now threatening to convert to Adventism if Carson’s surge in the polls continues.

Trump was heavily critiqued when we was perceived to be trying to marginalize Carson by contrasting his own professed Presbyterian affiliation with Carson’s denomination. Describing the Presbyterian church as “down the middle of the road” Trump said that he did not “know about” the Seventh-day Adventist faith.

His remarks at a rally in Florida earned him swift rebuke from conservative Christian leaders in Iowa who came out in defense of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

A USA Today article portrays Iowa Republicans as adamant that Trump’s attack on Carson’s religion will not succeed. “It will fail miserably,” said Mike Demastus, a pastor at Fort Des Moines Church of Christ in an interview with the publication. “For Donald Trump, as a name-only Presbyterian, to be criticizing somebody else for their faith statements is laughable. This is a guy who can’t even quote a Bible scripture to someone.”

Trump for his part, remains unfazed by the critique but determined to regain ground as Carson even passed him in a national poll: “I’ll admit I didn’t know much about Carson’s faith until a few days ago but if signing up for a vegetarian, Saturday-obsessed church with a thing for beasts is going to get me back on top in Iowa, I’ll do it. I already don’t drink.”



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  1. Tom Thumb

    It’s ironic that The Donald thinks SDA is a “Saturday-obsessed church” when Ben Carson himself does not observe Sabbath. He stated in an interview in 1999 that he attends Sunday-keeping churches just as often as the SDA church. He regularly sells his books on Sabbath and campaigns for political office on Sabbaths. If Ben can do that, The Donald can do it, too. So they are both exempt from Sabbath-keeping.

  2. Donald Dump

    Don’t worry; if Jev Butch or Mark-o Ruby-o somehow surpass me in the polls, I’ll convert to Catholicism. If Carly Flouride surpasses me, I’ll convert to “nondenominational / raised Episcopalian.” If Hilarious Clinton is nominated, I’ll convert to Methodist. Heck, I’d even convert to Southern Baptist if Ted Cruise-control surpasses me. Now, as for Kris Kristy and other lesser candidates, I “don’t know about” them.

  3. Donald Trumpet

    No wonder they call me the Great Chameleon! And I’m gonna build the Great Wall of Mexico! And the Great Wall of Canada, too. And the Great Wall of Cuba. Maybe even the Great Wall of the Bahamas (sorry, tourist cruise lines, you’ll just have to deal with it).

  4. Hilarious Clinton

    Poor Donald could get his # 1 poll rank back so easy, if he would just separate a pair of Siamese Twins. I have a pair of Siamese kittens who are twins. He could easily separate them by placing one in a different room. Then he could go to the National Enquirer and have them blast the news to the world. Result? Instant climb to the top of the polls!

  5. Jeb Butch

    The Donald could improve his ratings by getting a decent hair cut. Every day is a “bad hair day” for him. Even babies cry when they see him. It might also help if he stops insulting everybody and finds something of substance to say.

  6. Ted Logan

    From the NYT article on this subject: “For theological reasons, Adventism has faced tensions with the Catholic and Baptist churches over the years. …The church has also had a strongly anti-Catholic strain…”

    Precisely the reason that, as a former SDA, I don’t tell my current employer, the Catholic Church, about my SDA background.

  7. Ray Kraft

    Funny that the All Knowing Trumpster doesn’t know much about the Adventists, all he gotta do is go to Wikipedia / Seventh Day Adventist to learn all about it, including the Adventist beliefs about America and the Beast of Revelation (the Catholic church) conspiring to kill all the Sabbathkeepers, Seventh-Day Adventists and Jews.

    As Carson is now leading Trump in some polls, this will surely become part of the national debate, I wonder how Carson is going to handle relationships with the very popular Pope Francis and millions of Catholic voters.

    Ah, yes, may we live in interesting times.

  8. Richard Mills

    Great to see the “DON” interested in SDA. He would be a faithful tithe payer from all his many money making adventures. He would be part of the Greater NY Conference. His appearances would bolster attendance at Camp Meetings, seminars and maybe he could be the next GC President! I’m wit choo Donny. I’ll teach you the 2300 days and all the stuff you need to know. Call me ASAP. Woe is me!
    Ted-Your employer & fellow employees probably all about you. Don’t hide your light under your job.

  9. Jean Stanley

    Your Saved by Grace and the blood of Christ NOT by wearing Jewerlry God looks at the heart and whats inside not what is on the outside.. Jesus said this himself..who are we to judge Donald Trumps wife? let her come to know Jesus first its the working power of the Holy Spirit to change someone from the inside out, not ours

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