3ABN to feature on Fox News after Bill O’Reilly departure

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A little experiment...
A little experiment…
NEW YORK, N.Y. — Fox News has been on the hunt for new programming following the departure of its most famous anchor, Bill O’Reilly.

Although Fox host Tucker Carlson will be taking O’Reilly’s spot, the cable network decided to take a risk on something “very, very different” to fill out its newly-shuffled nightly line-up.

Expressing a willingness to “experiment radically,” a Fox News statement said the Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) would be given a late night Fox slot for its “unique blend of spoken word, song and vegetarian cooking performances.”

Citing a need to constantly reinvent, the Fox statement said that 3ABN’s Adventist programming was “about as peculiar as they come.”

“At least our fans share the same age and political leanings,” concluded the Fox News statement.

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  1. I can just see those 3Angels logo flying around the “No Spin Zone”!! What a HOOOOT!! Who’s gonna opine now? New name for show-The New O’Reilly-O’Really Truly” show. Get some GC guys on late night. A few SDA stand up comics. SHAZAM! You got a number one hit parade show. A few SDA musicians for opening. Little Debbies, Kellogg’s , Worthington for the commercials. Sign me up for this new reality show. I know a lotta jokes.

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