ADRA Goats Way More Expensive Due to Inflation

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SILVER SPRING, Md. — Soaring inflation has sent the price of goats in the ADRA gift catalog skyrocketing this year.

“Regardless of their political persuasions, Adventists are speaking up to condemn government policies that have made gift giving through the ADRA catalog prohibitively expensive,” said Andrews University professor of economics, Brett Kohyn.

“Adventists love giving gifts to those less fortunate through the ADRA catalogue but there’s only so much the average Adventist is willing to part with for small-to-midsized livestock,” said Kohyn.

The professor said that on his denominational salary he had forgone his usual goat giving practice this Christmas and instead purchased a couple verified, egg-laying hens.

“If the government keeps printing money like this, I’ll need a stimulus check to even afford one hen by next year,” said Kohyn. 


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