ADRA Delivers Aid to Underpaid Adventist Pastors

ADVENTIST WORLD — ADRA aid packages were delivered to pastors at Adventist congregations this week after the humanitarian arm of the Adventist Church discovered what the denomination’s clergy Read more […]

UK Chancellor Says ADRA Ingathering Targets Must Rise

LONDON, United Kingdom – Britain’s Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, warned today that virtually unprecedented inflation meant ADRA ingathering targets this year would need to be increased substantially. “Walking Read more […]

ADRA Goats Way More Expensive Due to Inflation

SILVER SPRING, Md. — Soaring inflation has sent the price of goats in the ADRA gift catalog skyrocketing this year. “Regardless of their political persuasions, Adventists are speaking up Read more […]

New App Helps Innocent Civilians Hide From Ingatherers

PALO ALTO, Calif. – As COVID lockdowns begin to lift, innocent civilians around the world have gone back to dreading that knock on the door from over-eager Adventist neighbors clutching ADRA cans. Duck, Read more […]

ADRA’s Twitter Account Hacked, Promises Free Goats For Retweets

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Social media giant Twitter has vowed to get to the bottom of how the account of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) was hacked earlier today. The Adventist Read more […]

Ingathering Robot To Go Door-to-Door In Place of Adventists

Adventist World — Church leaders are predicting that a newly-patented robot called Gimme will solve Adventists’ ingathering woes. Gimme is programmed to go door-to-door and ask people to give Read more […]

Adventist penny-pinchers ask ADRA to renovate house

COLLEGEDALE, Tenn. — Feeling the financial squeeze of the holidays, Tom and Suzie Avaro have petitioned the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) for a complete renovation of their house. In Read more […]