New App Helps Innocent Civilians Hide From Ingatherers

PALO ALTO, Calif. – As COVID lockdowns begin to lift, innocent civilians around the world have gone back to dreading that knock on the door from over-eager Adventist neighbors clutching ADRA cans. Duck, Read more […]

Slide Show: 14 ways to party like an Adventist

Adventist partying may not look like your typical, secular partying, but they still feature the 3 party requisites: crowds, carousing and most importantly, light refreshments (at the least!)

Slide Show: 11 Adventist-appropriate alternatives to Halloween

It’s Halloween! Dreaded by Adventists everywhere for its pagan roots, celebration of the occult and the inevitable explaining to teary-eyed children of why they can not go out and have fun that night. But no need to fear! We’ve come up with some ideas that may help soothe the pain of not getting free candy from strangers.