ADRA Delivers Aid to Underpaid Adventist Pastors

ADVENTIST WORLD — ADRA aid packages were delivered to pastors at Adventist congregations this week after the humanitarian arm of the Adventist Church discovered what the denomination’s clergy took home in pay each month.

“We don’t know how our pastors do it,” said ADRA spokesperson Doug Canner, “we couldn’t get our trucks loaded fast enough when we heard what these people make.”

Canner said he regretted every snide comment he’d made from the back pew over the years, despite the fact that his pastor mixed his metaphors horribly every Sabbath. 

“There should be a 13th Sabbath Offering for pastors alone,” said Canner as he threw some macaroni and cheese packs in a box.

“Now I know why my pastor wears his suits until they come back into style.”


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