ADRA Goats Destroy ADRA Crops

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In an unexpected turn of events, ADRA’s well-intentioned plan to provide goats through its gift catalog has backfired spectacularly. It turns out that the goats, intended to be a source of food and income for families in need, have developed a taste for ADRA’s own crops grown to encourage sustainable farming.

The organization’s carefully tended fields were first discovered to be in disarray when one farmer reported that his entire crop of tomatoes had been devoured overnight. At first, ADRA officials suspected a case of rogue rabbits or some other pesky critters. But when similar reports came flooding in from all corners of the farm, they knew they had a bigger problem on their hands.

After a thorough investigation, it was determined that the goats, which had been allowed to roam freely on the property, were responsible for the destruction. “We never expected the goats to turn on us like this,” said one ADRA spokesperson. “We thought we were doing a good thing by providing them to families in need, but we didn’t realize they had such expensive tastes.”

Despite the setback, ADRA officials remain determined to find a solution. They’ve tried everything from increased security to goat-proof fences, but nothing seems to deter the ravenous animals. In a last ditch effort, they even tried to appeal to the goats’ better nature by providing them with their own separate grazing area, complete with a plentiful supply of hay and other treats.

But the goats were having none of it. In fact, they seemed to revel in their newfound power, gleefully chomping their way through row after row of ADRA’s precious crops. As the days wore on, it became clear that the goats were the ones in charge now. And with their insatiable appetites, it seemed like there was no stopping them.

In the end, ADRA officials were forced to concede defeat. They packed up their crop remains and left the goats to their own devices, hoping that they might eventually move on to greener pastures. But as the sun set on the abandoned fields, the goats remained, triumphant and completely unrepentant.



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