Adventist AV guys told they cannot blame “technical difficulties” on the Devil

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Training needed
Training needed

SILVER SPRINGS, Md. — AV guys across the Adventist world have been warned that blaming feedback, malfunctioning mics and all manner of other technical difficulty on the Devil will no longer be tolerated.

A statement released by the church said that for far too long Adventist AV people have blamed the Devil for their own mistakes.

The email blast stated that the Devil is currently getting far too much credit for what happens in the average Adventist service.

“I don’t know how many times I have heard people at church say that the Devil is working hard to disrupt a service,” said GC Director of PowerPoint Production, Bert Dil, addressing the issue. “Most of the time the problem is that the guys in the AV booth are goofing off and have forgotten to advance the slides.”

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  1. Bert Dil

    Put the blame where it belongs: on the Jesuits. There’s usually one hiding in every SDA church’s AV booth. Some are even hiding in the pulpit, pretending to be SDA pastors. Ever hear of wolves in sheeps’ clothing? The Jesuits have infiltrated our colleges, including our SDA Theological Seminary. They’ve even infiltrated the GC. No wonder the GC President is so vehemently opposed to women’s ordination–just like the Jesuit Pope! Look at him:

  2. Cell Person

    The funny part is that this more true than you realize. The problem of goofing off and forgetting to advance slides is real for every church AV department (and something I struggled with when I was a younger AV person).

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