Adventist BNB launches with 144,000 rental hosts

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Adventist BNB
Adventist BNB
WORLDWIDE — Adventist BNB, a service that promises to connect Adventist vacationers and others seeking accommodation with Adventist hosts around the world, has launched with a staggering 144,000 potluck-savvy hosts.

Inspired by internet start-up Airbnb and Facebook group “Hospitable Adventists,” the service is designed to bring together individuals with the same Adventist faith and unrelenting love for Friday night vespers.

None of the 144,000 hosts will ever try to serve guests pork on arrival and all toasts in guests’ honor will involve communion-worthy and absolutely alcohol-free grape juice.

Adventists who want to make some spare cash are invited to sign up as hosts. Vacation rentals, homes, apartments and rooms are all welcome as long as they each contain some form of Adventist tract or other publication. Framed Ellen G. White portraits also work.

Adventist BNB recommends that hosts start practicing their Adventist jokes and that they familiarize themselves with the routes of a variety of scenic, Sabbath-appropriate nature walks.

Time to explore the Adventist World!

Sponsored by Adventist BNB. Short term home or room rentals by Adventists for Adventists.

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