Adventist Church creates vespers date app

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SILVER SPRING, Md. — Adventist dating has exploded in popularity following the introduction of a mobile app called VespersDate.

The app promises to allow Adventist singles to meet each other for a “softly-lit Friday night vespers program full of romantic hymn singing, modest touching of the elbows and the possibility of fellowship hall veggie snacks if you go to a good church.”

VespersDate users upload their picture and personal details as well as vital info about their exact Pathfinder honor badge account and what their stance is on women’s ordination.

The app alerts users to possible VespersDate matches in their geographical area.

If no matches are found locally, users can adjust their levels in the “Just how desperate are you?” section.

Especially motivated users can tick the “will travel anywhere” box to increase the likelihood of matches.

All VespersDate users are required to agree to user terms and conditions where they promise to “keep things Agape at all times.”

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  1. Elena Blanco

    Jaime and I had many such dates. If only we had access to such an app. Today’s youth would do well to utilize VespersDate. I’ve been shown “it’s a good thing.

  2. Scott Morton

    With my track record ending with failure finding an Adventist mate, I’d have a better chance forming a committed relationship with an attack helicopter. Oh the things we could do…

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