Adventist Church is a great place for women, according to old male leaders

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There are plenty of roles for women in the Adventist Church…
SILVER SPRING, Md. — Delegates at the 2015 Annual Council meeting held at the General Conference offices have voted to approve a statement praising the denomination as “a great place for women.”

The sea of mostly graying male delegates also affirmed the church’s decision earlier this summer to deny females (over half of the global population of the church) the opportunity to serve as ordained ministers.

The leaders then pointed to all the wonderful opportunities for ministry that were available to women.

“Listen, if a woman wants to head up Women’s Minsitries and there isn’t a male available to fill the role, I’m all for letting her take a stab at it,” said Annual Council delegate, Chauvi Nist. “Also, Potluck Minsitries would not be where they are without our women putting their potential to full use.”

Nist also called for those campaigning for gender equality in Adventism to “fall in line and get their unity on.”



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    1. B'rock O'bama

      Women are too unstable to be a GC President. They might scream at the GC VP’s and howl at the moon. (They can be corporation presidents, and presidents of nations, but not GC presidents.)

      1. Marcy

        I’ve heard men ministers get really excited and shout, in fact most of them I listen to do that, you would think they are angry. but have never seen an SDA woman minister do that.

  1. I LOVE all of your sarcastic responses, as they direct an arrow straight through the heart of an issue. It’s a good way to vent, get angry, without actually completely deflating the SDA denomination. BUT, what can be done to correct the problem? REALLY, I want to know. There is no “religion” I believe in, but the Bible. NONE. The more I learn of SDA’s biased, old, and legalistic ways, the harder it is for me to fellowship with SDA’s. I don’t expect to compromise Bible truth for contemporary leniency. There are issues that “religious” people in power (MEN) refuse to abide by Biblical truth, despite Scriptural teaching otherwise. How can we expect non-believers to listen to us preach the Gospel when we have church codes, rules, and backward thinkers setting such a non-scriptural doctrine?

    1. Marcy

      If you make rules commanding things God does not command, you soon will be forbidding things God commands. If you want to find an SDA organization that does not supersede God’s rules check out steps to

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